MA – Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant RMA - CMA - REPORTS TO: Nurse Manager, Endoscopy Nurse, Gastroenterology Clinic Nurse, and Physicians.

DEFINITION OF POSITION: Responsible for rendering professional care to patients who receive service in the gastroenterology and endocsopy centers. Function cooperatively with physicians and staff exhibiting teamwork characteristics.

  1. High school graduate.
  2. Able to read, write, and communicate.
  3. Displays a primary interest in giving good patient care and maintaining standards of courtesy and friendliness to co-workers.
  4. Maintain BLS certification.
  5. Able to comply with patient confidentiality and integrity policy on all matters.
  6. Certification encouraged.
  1. Assist in preparing patient for endoscopy procedure.
  2. Accurately obtains vital signs as indicated and documents on medical records.
  3. Clean equipment according to policy.
  4. Observe Universe Precautions.
  5. Refers situation beyond ability or function to proper person.
  6. Assist with housekeeping responsibilities as directed by Endoscsopy Nurse.
  7. Inform nurse when leaving for break, lunch or leaving for the day.
  8. Seek educational opportunities and accepts responsibilities for own professional growth and development.
  9. Participate: with inservice opportunities and staff meetings.
  10. Must maintain patient right to privacy by not discussing privileged information outside the work area or within hearing range of visitors, family or patient.
  11. Keep examining and consultation rooms clean, neat and stocked.
  12. Assist with maintaining inventory of supplies and orders supplies under direction of nurses.
  13. Prepares patients as requested by the physician according to the type of exam.
  14. Accurately completes laboratory requisitions.
  15. Knowledgeable of potential exposure to hazardous materials (i.e..patient, body fluids, disinfectant chemicals).
  16. Assemble patient charts correctly and fills in information with their scope of understanding.
  17. Get clinic ready by turning on lights and open blinds.
  18. Start CBC machine.
  19. Check crash cart and record temperature of refrigerator.
  20. Perform finger sticks for CBC.
  21. Perform venipuncture when necessary.
  22. Complete prior authorizations.
  23. Return patient phone calls.
  24. If certified, call in patient prescriptions.
  25. Assist physicians.
  26. Calibrate CBC machine according to Quality Improvement Program.
  27. Label specimen and get them ready for pick up.
  28. Turn off CBC machine, turn off lights, and close blinds at the end of the day.
  29. Assume additional responsibilities as assigned by the nurse manager and/or physicians.